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Mr. John A. Colombo "Trapper John"

August 25, 1935 - March 3, 2012

    "Did you ever know anyone who seemed to know everything but turned out to be just another arrogant individual who just thought he knew everything but actually knew very little? It's  disappointing. It might even make you angry. It definitely makes you reluctant to believe in those who truly do know something. Well folks, I think I know somebody who just might know everything. Ok, maybe he doesn't know everything about everything. But he sure knows a lot about an awful lot of things. You might know him too. He's Trapper John Colombo. I help him with his radio program Saturday mornings. If you have heard him on the radio, I think you might agree with me.

    I haven't known Trapper John all my life. I only wish I have. Sports teams always have their "go to guy," the one guy they can count on, rely on, get the job done when there is a job that needs to be done. Trapper John is that guy.

    I have a problem, though; it's hard to sit in the studio and run things with him. It's hard to focus on the mechanics of keeping a radio program on the air, like handling calls from listeners, playing commercials, keeping an eye on the time, while at the same time I'm trying to listen to what Trapper John is saying.

    The answers flow from his lips like fine wine from it's bottle. Effortlessly. Confidently. Remarkably. You are often asking yourself, "How in the world does he know that?" I think that some listeners call just to offer up a good-natured challenge to Trapper John, trying to find that one question or problem he can't answer. Week in and week out, Trapper John delights his audience with his pearls of wisdom. He unselfishly offers his humble guidance to make sure there is no misstep along the way.

    Trapper John is one of those unique individuals who lives up to, no, exceeds expectations. On the radio and off, he is the genuine article. Honest and straightforward. Knowledgeable and heartwarming. Like Coca Cola, he's the real thing. As people gather around the radio Saturday mornings, coffee in one hand, pencil and pad in the other, they are reminded of the good that exists in the world, and there exists out there someone who can help. This resource book will remain at arm ' s length of every gardener, homeowner and homebody alike. And there are some of Trapper John's favorite stories in there, too. You'll enjoy them.

    My father taught me lots of thing to get me through life. Many of them he learned from his father.  I'll pass them down to my son. Every family has things to pass down, so do your part - make sure you pass this down. Let the next generation appreciate what you will learn in this book. Your future generations will love you for it." 

- Scott Lowe                                                                                        
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