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Who Is Trapper John?

"Trapper" John Colombo"Trapper" John Colombo was born August 25, 1935. He attended and graduated from North Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, Pa. For the past 50+ years he has been learning about and practicing various ways to deal with varmints and household pests. He is an avid outdoorsman and if a venison sandwich is to be had, he is sure to be nearby. Only in the past 15 years has he been using his acquired wisdom professionally, through speaking engagements, radio and television shows, and in print. Most of this knowledge has been obtained through reading, "hands on" research and experimentation, and taking the time to listen to every old timer who had two cents worth to contribute to the wealth of knowledge Trapper now possesses.

On a personal note, John Colombo is a son, a husband, a father, a grandfather and a great-grandfather; introspective, fun-loving, quiet at times and noisy at others; involved in life to the hilt; and a sportsman. John loves nothing better than speaking before a group of people, large or small. His philosophy of life is to offer a hand to those that ask for it, and to mind his business when not asked.

Trapper's wife, Audrey Colombo"Someone once said that behind every good man is a better women. I like to think that beside every good man is a better women. You've heard me refer to my wife as my "keeper" many times on my radio program, and that she is. She keeps me well dressed, well fed, happy and on the straight and narrow trail through life. Every one of you that has a good wife understands exactly what I'm saying; you that don't, well, we offer you our condolences. Be smart, go find yourself a good wife/keeper; you'll be much better off."

Trapper's wife, Audrey Colombo, was raised in Buffalo, NY area - that explains her love for snow. She enjoys most sports, gardening, nature - most anything outside.  Audrey has a degree in music education, and uses this talent in her church and the community.  After raising two boys, she now enjoys being a grandma. And, she has the "keeper" duties as a housewife.


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